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Bassman's Den
Hear me out

This page contains language unsuitable for children..

The following are just my opinions, and may not be 100% accurate all of the time...

I am Bassman....Hear me ROAR!!! (hehe)


1.)My feelings about animal rights...
All animals have the right not to be mistreated.

They are put on this earth by God, to serve mankind.
They do not need some bleeding-heart asshole to be out in the woods on the first day of deer season, banging pots and pans to help them.

These animals are probably more mentally traumatized, by being "alerted" by these idiots, than the people hunting them. They probably welcome a quick death.

2.) Anti-gun activists
Ya wanna talk about stupid people? Here they are!!
These geniuses want to strip the American public of their last line of defense.

This country's freedom was won by simple people, like yours truly, who believe in malice, when protecting their families.

If you don't want a firearm, then don't buy one. Don't tell me that I can't have one.

What's gonna protect you in the middle of the night, when some drug-crazed whacko breaks into your house, wanting to rob you, kill you, or has the hots for your wife, or worse yet, your little girl?

What's gonna do it? Your dog? Your alarm system?
They'll kill your dog, and you'll be robbed, dead, or raped by the time the cops get there. But, you can find relief in knowing that a full report will be made out.

3.) Anti-American Protesters living in the U.S.
Talk about having balls!
These pus-eating bastards actually have the gall to organize protests against our government, when their "homeland" get it's ass kicked around by us.

They don't like where they live, and come to America, to find a better life, and I'm ok with that.

They get public assistance, tax breaks, and housing if they need a fresh start, and I'm ok with that too.

But some of these ungrateful assholes think they have the right to protest Americanism. Don't like our ways? LEAVE!

4.) Politcal correctness
What happened to saying things as they are?
I'm not a racist, but people of African, Asian, Indian, German, Italian, etc. decent born in this country are AMERICANS.
Why go through the bullshit of African-American, Asian-American, and so on?
If you're born here, you're an American. If you live here long enough, you'll be an American.

Hell, if I were polically-correcting myself, I would be an Irish-English-German-Portugese-Hessian-Rumanian-French-Mexican-Artisian-and probably Guacamolian-American for shit's sake.

If you're so damn proud of your heritage, pack your bags, and get the hell out!

Like I said before, I'm no racist. I have alot of friends of different ethnic backgrounds, and they know exactly how I feel. I love them all, but will not bend over backwards to be politically correct. I consider myself as a straight shooter.

5.) Pro Lifers
These mink-wearin, lonely people, with no actual life of their own, will stop at nothing to control the lives of every woman who wants to control her own life.
Hell, they'd probably hop over some poor homeless schmuck so they can get to the clinic faster.

Then they bomb the clinic!!! How fucking stupid are these people?

I don't believe in abortion personally, but I'm not the one getting it. God is the judge - not you assbites.
Leave 'em alone. They've got enough on their minds.

I think George Carlin said it best. Anti-Abortionists are people you wouldn't want to fuck in the first place.
Maybe this is what you really need eh?

It may sound strange hearing all this shit coming from a family man with strong personal values.
Hell, I love my kids, my wife, my friends, my life, and my God. I volunteer community service, and would gladly lend a helping hand to anyone.

But the lawyers, flag burners, Athiests, tree huggers, crack heads, and other miscellaneous parasites have got this country so fucked up, it pisses me off.


There..I said it....I feel better now :)

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