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Bassman's Den
More about me
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Hmmm....where do I start?
Well, I'm happily married (sorry girls),and a father of 2 wonderful children.
Our family lives in The Keystone State, and are pretty well content with that.

I enjoy fishing, hunting, camping, and anything that gets me outside.


I've had several occupations in my lifetime, but am presently employed as a fitter/welder for a major supplier or petro-chemical processing equipment (sounds pretty impressive eh?)


a little beggin never hurts

Community service takes up a lot of my time.
I've been in the volunteer fire/rescue service since 1981.
I greatly enjoy the chance to lend a helping hand to those in need.

My wife and I are both involved in the local Fire Company.
Wifey doesn't fight fire, but helps with fund-raising activities.

My Son says he wants to join the firehouse, when he's old enough. Maybe he wants to be like the Old Man? (sniff)